Smart phones are the most common communication devices we use today, replacing landline phones and becoming fashionable communication and entertainment tools.Cell phone jammer is installed in the school or college and other trouble-free areas. But what about the device that interferes with the phone? The jamming devices prevent the phone from receiving signals from the base station. Even if it sounds like a complicated process, it's not complicated to set up your own mobile phone.

Understand the principles of operation. These phone jammers work on the GSM 800 frequency, because most phones use their functions. The selected voltage control oscillator is a very effective remote oscillator, but without good rf test equipment, it is difficult for beginners to establish.
As a source of noise, you can use the 45mhz clock oscillator to drive the local oscillator connector on the mini circuit mixer. For local oscillator signals, there is also a network with the same resistor. It is used to balance the resistance of clock oscillator and mixer connection.
The high frequency input (mixer's connector) connects to the first 800MHz mobile antenna, and the high frequency output is sent to the microcircuit amplifier. The amplifier increases the output power to 15-16dbm. The amplified signal is then sent to the second mobile phone antenna.

All GSM 800 phones will transmit and receive frequencies at 45 MHz. So when the phone tries to make a phone call, it is blocked by its own signal! Isn't that cool? If the chatter on the phone annoys you - turn on your signal jammer, the gangster hears his voice on his cell phone.

If you are a driver or a traveler, you can use it as a GPS jammer. Do you worry if there are some bad guys who can track your location if you and your family have a trip? Bad people can get angry, want to steal your luggage, to get wealth, when you go to a desolate place. They will always wait for the right time to take action. This is not only for your property, but also for life. So, GPS jammers can even save your life one day!

Here you can ask how it achieves this versatility. For example, if you can lock a phone signal without being affected by a GPS or WiFI signal. We want to tell you that the device is equipped with adjustable buttons, so you can choose the range of frequencies. That is, when you shut down other frequencies, it can only call the intruder or the GPS.

Moreover, all frequencies can work simultaneously. In addition, the blockage of this high performance fault can be as long as 40 meters, or it can be adjusted according to the need of adjustable buttons. What's more, the car charger with these 3G 4G mobile phone and car accessories? GPS WiFi jammer can be easily used in cars. In addition, due to the high quality heat dissipation system with built-in cooling fan, the device can achieve 24/7 work.

Many people may wonder if cell phone interference is harmful to our health because they play a variety of frequencies that are dangerous to us. Now, more and more people are buying mobile phone smears and other blocking devices. From this point of view, we already know the answer, because the people of the eyes are very demanding. We can fully understand them, because we know how important it is to protect your privacy, and because most of the government is doing all he can monitor all of us, we have no choice, can only buy the predicament, to protect our privacy,

However, we must clarify this in technical terms. If there is a health problem, the phone jammer has passed all safety and health tests, and because of this fact, you can make sure you buy and use it. If you remember, when the phone was first introduced to the company, the same health concerns were worrying. But after testing, the results were the same - no harm.

In addition from the working principle of jammer Send you should keep in mind that phone interference with the normal work of the mobile phones of the same frequency interference, that is to say, our jammer is similar to our mobile phones. And today, is there any device that allows us to maintain a long phone call? What devices are more popular than mobile phones? So, when we talk about mobile jammer damage is the same - they are and the phone itself, wi-fi signal blocking the same thing, they are like wi-fi hotspots, the hot spot is dangerous? One thing you should know is that radio signals and light, sound waves and gravity follow the same inverse law, that is, the distance is doubled, and the energy is reduced to a quarter. In other words, the signal intensity decreases with increasing distance. The most interesting fact is that people worry that GPS/GLONASS drone jammer devices are harmful, but they don't even know that the signals from these positioning systems surround them every day.

So we want to remind you again that it's important to know how often you want to play. You can find any information about cell phone interceptors and other locking devices on the Internet and on special websites. One thing is for sure - the technology will not stop developing.

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With parity, hot spots and a host of mobile devices at home, it's not that easy today. Almost every 13-year-old has a small computer hidden in the back pocket of his skinny jeans. And parents who would never allow their children to have their own TV in the room, have them chat for hours on the bed WhatsApp, post Instagram, play games, watch Youtube video, work...
Teachers think all of their students have smartphones - if not, this is a problem: classroom chat on Whatsapp, which includes teachers, is an information channel; A child who does not have a cell phone or is not allowed to join Whatsapp is called a "victim" by classmates.

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